Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Toilet Vastu Remedies in 16 Directions / Zones

Dear Friends, In this post, I'll tell you Vastu Solutions and Remedies for Toilets present in 16 zones/directions of Vastu Shastra.

What is the purpose of a Toilet and How it affects you when created in wrong direction of your home according to vastu shastra?

Toilet is used for disposing waste products from our body. That means, toilet is the activity of disposal. I have told you earlier also in my blogs and videos on youtube that the whole concept of vastu shastra belongs to the programming of sub conscious mind.

So, we have a default programming in our subconscious about toilet that it is the activity of disposal and whenever we see or listen to the word toilet, our subconscious mind automatically activates the software associated with the activity of disposal.

When you make a toilet in any direction of your home, it start disposing the attributes associated with that direction. Example - When you make a toilet in North direction which is the direction of creating money making opportunities in your life, it start disposing all the money making opportunities from your life and you are not able to make money. Those who are doing Job may loose their job and sit idle at home.

Let us take another example when a toilet is created in South West direction which is the direction of Relationships and Skills. I have seen in n number of Vastu Case Studies that when a toilet is created in South West direction of home, it will surely lead to Divorce between the married couple staying in that home.

The ideal direction for making a toilet at home is South South West direction which is the direction of disposal and wastage. When a toilet is made there, you dispose off all the negative things and waste items from your life and lead a healthy life.

But not all can make a toilet in South South West direction due to different construction constraints.

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Now, if you have a toilet in any direction, firstly you have to check if it is disposing the effects of that direction from your life or not. If the answer is yes, you can treat that toilet with simple no cost vastu remedy done by using Color Tapes.

Note - If you are facing problem, then only go ahead and apply the solutions. If these is no problem of toilet with respect to its direction, you should not do any remedy as nature has already balanced it for you.

For getting the Vastu Remedy of toilet present in 16 zones, watch the video and note down your remedy, apply that and share the results on vastuabhishek@gmail.com

Thank You

Monday, 12 June 2017

Vastu for Money - Become Rich with Vastu Shastra

Money is the most important concern in today's scenario. When we get sufficient cash for our day to day needs, life seems good but when we fall short in cash, life seems to get difficult. In this blog, Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel will share those vastu tips which will attract Money and Prosperity in your Home.

As per Vastu Shastra, the direciton responsible for Money or Cash at Home is South East direction. Money represents Fire Element in Vaastu and South East direction is the direction of Fire Element in Vastu Shastra. Toilet or Dustbin in South East hampers the flow of Cash and creates money related problems. When you have a toilet in South East direction, light a zero watt Red Bulb in Toilet and it will remove the Vastu Dosha from South East direction.

When we think of Money, the first thing that comes to our Mind is the Cash Box or Safe or our Locker at Home. In Vastu Shastra, Placement of Cash Box decides whether you will have enough cash to meet your expenses or not.

The best direction for placing the cash box at home is North direction as it the direction of Lord Kuber. When you place your cash box in North direction, Lord Kuber will attract aboundance of money in your Home. Also, your facing while opening the cash box should also be North direction.

You can also place your cash box in West direction as it the direction of Profits and Gains but avoid placing cash box in South South West direction of your Home which lies between South and South West as it is the direction of Expenses and Disposal.

Another important thing in Vastu Shastra which is responsible for attracting Wealth and Prosperity in your Home is your Entrance. There are a total of 32 Entrances in Vastu Shastra which has 32 different effects. Out of these 32 Entrances, 9 attract Money while the other entrances are negative and attract losses and other things.

For finding the entrance of your home, its effects on your Life and its treatment without demolition, read
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Another important factor which is responsible for attracting Money in your Home is your Kitchen. In Vastu Shastra, Money is represented by Fire Element. At Home, your Kitchen, especially the Gas Stove represents the Fire Element in your Life. If you are having your Kitchen in North direction, you will face problems related to Blocked Money. Keep a Baroda Green Stone below the Gas Stove to remove Vastu Doshas from the Kitchen.

If you are having your Kitchen in South to West direction, Keep a Yellow Stone below the Gas Stove to remove any Vastu Doshas and to strengthen Fire Element in your Home.

The last thing which is responsible for attracting Money in your Home is your sleeping position or your Bedroom. If you are sleeping in South South West direction, the direction of disposal and wastage, you will never be able to attract money in your life and if you do, you will waste all that money on useless things. In that case you can shift your bed towards South West direction.

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Vastu Tips for Marriage - All Vastu Remedies and Solutions

In this Vastu Blog, I will share Vaastu Tips for getting a suitable life partner and also share those vastu remedies which will solve problems related to delay in marriage.
The ideal age for marriage across the globe as per today’s scenario is 25-28 years for both male and female. If anyone crosses the age of 30, he/she starts facing difficulties in getting suitable marriage proposals.

As per Vastu Shastra, the ideal direction for marriage is South West direction, the direction of Relationships, also known as Pitra Sthan. South West direction is responsible for attracting your soulmate in your Life.

If South West direction in any building has Vastu Dosha, it results in delay in marriage, relationship problems and divorce in already married couples.
Toilet, Dustbin, Green Plants or Green Color, Temple, etc creates Vastu Defects in South West direction and it will result in delay in marriage and relationship problems.

In conjunction with South West direction, South East, East and North North West direction is also responsible for attracting suitable life partner for the marriageable girl or boy.

East direction is the direction of social connectivity. East direction connects you with the society from where your family get proposals for marriage for the marriageable child. When there are Vastu defects in East direction like Toilet, etc. then the family won’t get any marriage proposals.

North North West direction is the direction of attraction. When North North West direction is balanced as per Vastu Shastra, it helps South West direction in attracting the life partner for marriageable child.

South East direction is the direction of initiation. When South East direction balanced as per Vastu Shastra, it ensures the initiation of process of marriage and marriage happens.

Watch this Vastu for Marriage Video to get all the Vastu Remedies and Solutions for Marriage.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Vastu Shastra – Its all about Sub Conscious Mind

The space (Building) in which you are living or working is a blueprint of your subconscious mind. When we are making changes in any particular space as per Vastu Shastra, we are actually programming your subconscious mind.
On the other hand, your subconscious mind behaves as per your horoscope. Whatever is written in your horoscope/destiny, your subconscious mind attracts only those things from the universe. Or you can also say that your horoscope works as the fixed factory settings of your subconscious mind.
In the concept of AstroVastu developed by Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel, the horoscope of an individual is completely analysed and changes are made as per AstroVastu in the individual’s home to alter his subconscious mind and his horoscope.
Watch this beautiful Vastu video by Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel explaning How Vastu is all about programming the Subconscious Mind.
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Vastu Shastra - Traditional Vastu vs Modern Vastu Shastra

In ancient times, the science of Vastu was limited to the kings only. No VastuShastri was allowed to apply Vastu Remedies for general public as doing so would result in lifetime imprisonment or death punishment.
Watch this beautiful video by VastuShastri Abhishek Goel for complete explanation on Traditional Vastu vs Modern Vastu Shastra.
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Monday, 29 August 2016

Learn Vastu Shastra

In today's life, vastu and astrology are very popular among the masses. In the process of Vastu consultation, you appoint your consultant at your place and the consultant guides you about the vastu changes. You execute them and you feel a difference in your life after making those changes as per Vastu Shastra. You feel that your life is much better now.
In most of the cases I have observed people saying that when they made the vastu changes, they felt the positive difference but after some time, problems start to re-appear in their life. 
There is a logical reason behind this scenario. When you are making the vastu changes at your place, you are altering the planets of your horoscope. You can also say that you are changing your written destiny. 
At that point of time when you are making the changes at your place, you are under the expert guidance of your Vastu consultant.
Soon after your consultant leaves, your planets force you to keep some objects or the other belonging to the same planet back to their own place because the space in which you are living right now after the vastu changes is not as per your written destiny.
When the objects take place in your home as per your written destiny, you are back to your original life.
Will you call the consultant again and again?
Will you pay the consultant's fees again and again?
I think no.
In this situation the best would be to learn the art yourself. And the best part is, you just need 3 days of your life to learn this beautiful art of Vastu Shastra.
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Monday, 18 July 2016

Vastu Case - Stuck Property Sold, Debts got Cleared

A very simple man approached me with a damn sad face and tears in his eyes. 

I asked him the reasons for his sadness. He said, I have a land which I want to sell off because I am having debts which are similar to the cost of that land and I am tired of paying the interests of these debts now. 

Can you please help me by providing Vastu Solutions for selling my property so that I can repay my debts and lead a stress free life?

I told him that we need to discuss everything in detail with scaled layout plans of your home and then I can provide solutions.

The meeting got fixed.

In the meeting, the client told me that he had constructed his home as per Vastu only but he is not getting any positive results.

When I checked his plans, there was a Toilet in North direction, the direction of opportunities, one in West direction, the direction of Fulfilment and the Client was sleeping in SouthSouthWest direction which is the direction of Disposal.

The client was facing every problem related to these imbalances - No Opportunities, No Gains and on top of that, a Burden of Debts.

After looking at these things, I was pretty much confident that He will have the results very soon.

When we further detailed about the land, he told me that he purchased that property in an unauthorised colony because of which he is facing problems in reselling it.

I told him that I need to visit the land also and we need to do some remedies there as well for selling it quickly.
The client agreed for doing all the changes. 

I just corrected the above imbalances by applying Metal Strips and Colors and also placed some AstroVastu Remedies. 

I also did some alterations in the land as well.

Within 15 days after doing complete changes, the land got sold and my client is now debt free.

With Best Regards

Vastu Consultant
Abhishek Goel
(Author of, "The Journey of Vastu Shastra")

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